We cater each menu and pricing to the specific event. Please fill out the form on our Coffee Catering for New York City homepage and we will get back to you within less than 24 hours.

Classic Brews

  1. House Blend
    Our signature coffee blend, freshly brewed and perfect for any occasion. Balanced and aromatic.

  2. Dark Roast
    Bold and robust, our dark roast offers intense flavors for those who prefer a stronger cup.

  3. Decaf House Blend
    All the taste of our signature blend without the caffeine.

Espresso Drinks

  1. Espresso
    A concentrated shot of coffee, rich and intense.

  2. Double Espresso
    Twice the concentration for those who crave the added kick.

  3. Macchiato
    A shot of espresso “stained” or “marked” with a drop of frothy milk.

  4. Cortado
    Equal parts of espresso and steamed milk, delivering a balanced and creamy taste.

Lattes & More

  1. Classic Latte
    A creamy blend of espresso and steamed milk, topped with a delicate foam.

  2. Cappuccino
    Espresso combined with steamed milk and a thick layer of frothy foam.

  3. Mocha Latte
    A luscious mix of espresso, chocolate syrup, and steamed milk. A treat for chocolate lovers.

  4. Vanilla Latte
    Sweet vanilla paired with espresso and steamed milk for a classic taste.

  5. Caramel Latte
    Smooth and sweet, combining espresso with caramel syrup and steamed milk.

  6. Chai Latte
    A spicy and aromatic blend of black tea, spices, and milk. Perfect for those wanting a caffeine kick with a twist.

Cold Brews & Iced Options

  1. Cold Brew
    Slowly steeped for 12 hours, offering a smooth and refreshing taste.

  2. Iced Coffee
    Our classic house blend, cooled and served over ice.

  3. Iced Latte
    A cool blend of espresso and milk, poured over ice.

  4. Iced Mocha
    A chilled version of our mocha latte, perfect for hot days.

  5. Iced Vanilla Latte
    Espresso, vanilla, and milk served cold for a refreshing twist.

Specialty Drinks

  1. Nitro Cold Brew
    Infused with nitrogen for a velvety texture and a naturally sweet taste.

  2. Oat Milk Latte
    A dairy-free alternative that’s creamy and delicious, made with rich espresso.

  3. Almond Milk Latte
    Nutty and smooth, another excellent dairy-free choice.

  4. Flat White
    Double espresso shots topped with microfoam, offering a rich and velvety texture.